Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ideas and Thoughts on Music for ME

Laura Mvula.  
WHY have I been sleeping under a rock and not listening to her beautiful voice on repeat constantly since her album came out in 2013 one year ago in March??
I heard this lovely lady last week on xpn, a radio station out of Philadelphia that I occasionally listen to.  I heard the song in the above video "Green Garden" and fell in love instantly.  After seeing the video, I fell in love even more.  I wanted to be dancing in the video! And wait, there's more.  Almost every song on her album (Sing to the Moon) is an instant ear pleaser.  I cannot say enough about how much I am enjoying this music.  She brings to mind a sweet blend of soul/jazz/modern indie/and good old fashioned perfectness. Think Nina Simone meets Erykah Badu meets some mysterious extra element that gives this old soul some modernity. A modernity which perhaps may be simply due to the fact that she's only 27 years old!

:::NOW if you've skipped reading my gushing... Here's why I posted this on my MT blog:::
I am constantly playing music for my clients that they prefer.  Music that speaks to them so that they can be motivated and inspired to try and be and do.... And of course this is as it should be.  It's my job to do that.  However, it's important to feed my musical appetite and quell my thirst for music that fills me up.  That's my job too, but I forget to do this. Don't get me wrong, I'm always listening to music that I like and if you're a music therapist, I'll bet you are too.  But listen with intention. Listen completely. Soak it up sometimes. It's a tool for us too.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So guess what.  I might be the last MT on the planet to get an ipad but.....I just got an IPAD AIR!!!!!! and now I don't know why I waited so long...well the price tag, but still. No regrets. This is worth it's light weight in pure gold. 
My number one reason? Onsong.  It's awesome.  One month ago I was carying TWO full binders of music and shuffling through them like a joke to find music.  Then I made folders with topic appropriate songs that would be easier to manage.  Soon enough I had those folders bursting too.  
Onsong does everything on a screen and makes life insanely easier.  Garfoose does a great review of the app here.

Next up access to both of these!  I use both Evernote and Dropbox.  I can file like a maniac with dropbox and that's where I keep all of my progress notes etc... Then with Evernote, I can make quick notes, take photos, make lists of things I need to remember.  It's like my quick stop. The coolest thing about Evernote is that you can do searches within your notes.  AH-MAZE.
Now I'll do a snap-quick sentence or two about the rest of these apps.  I love mad pad and so do my clients.  I love how they get excited to see themselves on screen.  Great for motor, both fine and gross.  After I make a screen full of videos, I have my clients use that screen as an instrument while we play other songs.
Garage Band. Nuf' said.
Best ZEN-like app.  I adore this one. It's better than Trope or Air, which are also Brian Eno apps. I probably use it in EVERY session.
I'm just now getting more out of this older app, Beatwave. I've had it for years on my phone but now that it's ipad time, game ON.  We've been making layers of beats and then using the layers as a background to improvised song making sessions.  It's pretty hip.  
I realize some of these apps are old hat. But here's my abbreviated two cents on them.  I'd love to hear what other apps you find most useful in your sessions too. 
IPAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooo hoo!