Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Yesterday was a first for me.  I joined forces with some of the best MTs in the area and went to advocate for music therapy at the state capitol in Harrisburg.  I was really impressed with Hill Day to be honest.  First of all, the surroundings are incredibly impressive and beautiful.  Well dressed people are EVERYWHERE all working in gorgeous offices like the ones that you see in the movies. 
Looking up is amazing.  Actually my whole view on the process has been shifting and "looking up". Maybe I've watched too many episodes of House of Cards but I'm not the most politically informed nor motivated person.  However, going to the capitol and getting a feel for how things work and how things get done in the country was pretty exciting.  One thing is clear, perseverance and persistence pays.  Talking to the representatives about gaining state recognition for our MT-BC credentials is super important for my field.  If we can gain state recognition, our clients will have much greater access to our important services and we can protect our profession and our clients as well.  So, we talked about what we do, we educated our representatives and they shared with us their ideas on how to get moving on our cause. 

Anyway, take a look at the next 2 photos.  Notice anything different?
I'm in this one, the tallest person. sheesh.
and Kim, our task force representative is in this one.
On our way out we saw the pink (red!) fountain.  Halloween or Breast Cancer Awareness? You decide.
Happy Hill Day and a big thanks to all of the organizers!
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