Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine Session Idea

There are happy Valentine Songs .

There are sad Valentine Songs.

Why not make this concept into a game? Work on things like emotional recognition, attention to detail, active listening, emotional processing and even some good old impulse control.

What I did:
I cut up a huge batch of paper hearts.  Some hearts had happy smiles on them, some had a broken crack.  Then I broke out the Valentine Folder and sang away.  Each person had a turn where it was up to them alone to decide if it was a "Happy Valentine Song" or a "Broken Heart Song".  When they decided, they turned in a paper heart confirming their decision.  Sounds easy right?
But no. not always.  
When I tried this out, here were my snags.
1. I played the whole song. Try a shorter version or a verse and chorus.  Keeping a game interesting requires shorter turns. 
2. Not every group member was able to discern between the two.  Some people handed in random hearts. For these clients, I restated key lyrics back to them and asked them to try again.
3. Some songs sound happy and they are really sad and vice-versa.  I was surprised to see how many clients were making their decisions based on the actual "feel" of the song. 
4. Watch out for the overzealous group members who want to shout out answers.

At the end we counted up the hearts and tallied the sad vs. happy.  We also had a short discussion about love and each person stated what they loved about Valentine's Day.
Just an idea. Use it if you please.

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