Monday, January 7, 2013

Music Therapy Advocacy Month

Hello Readers! I recently received the invitation to participate in the Social Media Advocacy Month from a very esteemed MT.  She and a few others are encouraging all of us who have blogs and other social media sites to write about and promote Music Therapy and if you're a music therapist, this is like a no brainer. Our "assignment" is to advocate this year through story telling. I'm currently trying to think of ways to put a great post together where I get to tell some Music Therapy stories through the eyes of three different people....More soon! I'm super excited. Fingers crossed and check back soon!

for the official scoop see below:

 Advocacy --> Recognition --> Access
Since 2005, the American Music Therapy Association  and the
  Certification Boardfor Music Therapists  have
collaborated on a State Recognition Operational Plan. The primary purpose
of this plan is to get music therapy and our MT-BC credential recognized by
individual states so that citizens can more easily access our services. The AMTA
Government Relations staff and CBMT Regulatory Affairs staff provide guidance
and technical support to state task forces throughout the country as they work
towards state recognition. To date, their work has resulted in over 35 active state
task forces, 2 licensure bills passed in 2011, 1 licensure bill passed in 2012, and
an estimated 7 bills being filed in 2013 that seek to create either title protection
or a licensure for music therapy. This month, our focus is on YOU and on getting
you excited about advocacy.

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