Thursday, November 1, 2012


Last night right before Trick or Treating time, I finished submitting my paperwork for Re-certification. I will be entering my third cycle which means that I've been a music therapist for 10 years yalls! I know this might not excite some people but when I said it aloud to my husband last night I gave a little scream! And I reflected that I feel more and more like I'm getting my professional act together.  Having your own practice, having a kid and having little guidance after grad school leaves you a little on your own...a little set back sometimes....BUT then I just got this wind from somewhere and took off facilitating my own growth. And not to toot my own horn but....It feels great and I'm so proud of myself and if I can't say THAT on my own blog?? well too bad. I'm reveling in this. Finishing up another cycle full of credits just feels great. And now that I'm somehow a little more serious or experienced or mature or whatever, I find that I'm really paying attention to these courses and using every single resource I can. Ok. Humble me will be back next post. Until then, celebrate yourself too! You deserve it!

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