Friday, November 16, 2012

3 Thanksgiving Ideas

Autumn is awesome. It's almost over too. That was fast wasn't it?  I mean, I kind of feel like we just started the school year and summer was just yesterday and now it's almost winter and my dusty boxes of Christmas decorations are bouncing around in the basement asking when they can come upstairs.  
But wait. 
This post is called 3 Thanksgiving Ideas. Let's remain on task and stick to the topic shall we?
Idea #1:
Rewrite someone else's songs.
Does this sound like cheating to you? Well it's not. Let's face facts. MTs are busy and sometimes a short cut is totally worth going for.  I happen to like rewriting lyrics AND rewriting the melodies. Recently I found this site called Songs For Teaching and I edited the melody and a few of the lyrics to one of the songs I thought was cool and made it more adult sounding (as it was a kid song).  This site is really good for giving you that quick lyric or song idea and the categories are endless. Check it out. 
Idea #2:
Use some recorded music.

I like to go on Amazon as opposed to itunes since you can save a few cents generally.  I search for key words.  There aren't too many really awesome adult Thanksgiving songs so I just searched for words like "Pumpkin Pie"  or....

"Mashed Potatoes". Rufus Thomas is kickin' it!!!!! Just check out the boots and shorts. I can NOT stand a good way!
So what do I do with these songs? Use them to jam with the instruments or structure a warm up where each person has to come up with their own way of using a drum or shaker for the group to follow.  I toss around balls or do stretches or if it's a group, maybe a dance routine.
Idea #3:Food Menu
By now you might realize that i like to use the term "face facts" so...Let's face facts again.  Thanksgiving is probably the biggest food holiday and if your clients are like mine, food is a huge motivator and item of joy in their lives...and mine too..if we're facing facts and all.
ANYWAY...Write up a menu where you have song titles all relative to the Thanksgiving menu.  Each person can "Order" their song up hot.  I like to assign each person to be the leader of their song by choosing the instruments for the rest of the group and leading them in playing.
So...those are my tips.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Last night right before Trick or Treating time, I finished submitting my paperwork for Re-certification. I will be entering my third cycle which means that I've been a music therapist for 10 years yalls! I know this might not excite some people but when I said it aloud to my husband last night I gave a little scream! And I reflected that I feel more and more like I'm getting my professional act together.  Having your own practice, having a kid and having little guidance after grad school leaves you a little on your own...a little set back sometimes....BUT then I just got this wind from somewhere and took off facilitating my own growth. And not to toot my own horn but....It feels great and I'm so proud of myself and if I can't say THAT on my own blog?? well too bad. I'm reveling in this. Finishing up another cycle full of credits just feels great. And now that I'm somehow a little more serious or experienced or mature or whatever, I find that I'm really paying attention to these courses and using every single resource I can. Ok. Humble me will be back next post. Until then, celebrate yourself too! You deserve it!