Thursday, September 20, 2012


QUIZ TIME!!!  How music therapy Savvy is YOUR ol' noggin?  Take this test that I made up and see how you do.  Quizzes are fun.
btw, this quiz is mostly for NON music therapists but MTs should also take this quiz anyway. why not.

**disclaimer** This is by no means a real indication of your actual intelligence but take the quiz anyway and comment with your score!


1.  Music therapy is a new field of treatment.
2.  Music on it's own, is healing.
3.  Music therapy can be used for any age group.
4.  Music therapy can be facilitated by anyone with musical abilities.
5.  Music therapy is an evidence based profession.
6.  Music therapy provides fun entertainment for clients.
7.  Clients must possess musical ability to receive music therapy services.
8.  Music therapy is a new aged profession.
9.  Most music therapists are women.
10. There is one style of music that is more beneficial than the rest.  

Score it!
1. False  2. False  3. True  4. False  5. True 6. False 7. False 8. False 9. True 10. False
7-10 CORRECT-  MT GENIUS.  You are an MT smarty and most likely a great supporter of music therapy services. GO YOU! You probably read the music therapy research blog right?
4-6 CORRECT-  MT INTERMEDIATE. You know a thing or two about music therapy and are curious to know more to sharpen your awareness.
1-3 CORRECT- MT NOVICE....Don't despair. I was once an MT novice too.

Detailed Answers:
1. False- MT has been around "technically" for ages however became a real field of study and treatment after WW2.
2. False- Music is used as a TOOL for healing, by a music therapist.
3. True- I have had clients aging from 2 years to 87 years old! WOW!
4. False- big false. sad part is, people really believe this. You must be a trained professional. There is  a lot going on in our sessions!
5. True- Yes! There are studies and research and data and scientific evidence of the benefits!
6. False- seems like a trick question...well music therapy can totally be fun BUT that is just a side benefit of all the work that is going on right along side the fun.
7. False- No experience required! Music therapists work with each person at their own level.
8. False- sometimes the term "new aged" can take away some of the valid and clinical weight that a field possesses.  There are indeed some less traditional ways in which we MTs present material in sessions but I would never consider it a new aged profession.
9. True- yup. mostly.
10. False- the most effective style of music is the preferred music of the client :)


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