Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hi! I have an idea. I've used it all summer and it went over well. Sadly I'm only just posting this idea today when we're inches away from September...NOT the height of roller coaster season.  but that is ok!
So the video above is the song I used. "Roller Coaster" by M. Ward. I love M. He's so darn cool. This video isn't really the best quality as it was filmed at a show however notice the piano at the beginning?  He's brought an audience member up and taught him the piano bit and has him accompanying him. Very improv. Very music therapy familiar. Now on to my idea.

1. In your group or individual session, start a conversation about summer themes and more particularly, Roller coasters and amusement parks.

2. Questions: 
Have you ever been to an amusement park?
What was your favorite Roller Coaster?
What are some challenges of an amusement park?
3.  Get out your CABASA! It's perfect for this activity. Roll it. Show your clients how to roll it. Work on independent rolling skills. If they are more advanced, work on rolling it to the rhythm of the song. Roll it up and down the arm for sensory integration for Pete's sake!

4.  Sing it with your client and make sure you alter those lyrics.  For example, I've basically redone the song to make it less about a relationship and more about roller coasters.  Instead of singing "YOU'RE like a roller coaster" sing "Let's go on a roller coaster"...this sort of thing.
Also insert the tid bits of conversation that you had in step 1 into the song, improv style.  Your clients will smile. check plus.

**also** M. Ward often uses alternate tunings. I just use G-A7-D