Saturday, July 21, 2012


Yesterday I had a glorious time with some dear friends whom I consider to be the ultimate in MT support. I'm on the right with an arm around Jeanie Matteson, and leaning in towards Beth Ghiorzi.  They are like encyclopedias of knowledge, rivers of resource, they have strong opinions and are able to deliver their thoughts with sensitivity. That's probably why we all have degrees in music therapy (or if you're Jeanie, countless degrees and certifications :)
The support I've gotten from
 these two has been so valuable to me in times of MT need, and otherwise!  We hash things out, talk it out and even hug it out. And this sort of friendship/professional support is what inspired me to blog today.  You see, we all need a network of support, especially in fields that require "emotional investment".  Not only music therapy but also those in the broader world of special needs service and care.... and I mean we REALLY need it.  If you have your own practice, you can identify with the fact that basically, the MT life can be stressful and a little solitary at times unless you reach out to your peers and make a point of connecting professionally.  The online music therapy world is getting better however and there are some excellent professionals out there that welcome questions.  There are also some great opportunities for connection (other than FB) such as the recent online meeting I attended called the Therapeutic Music Experience Swap Workshop which was hosted by  Mary Jane Landaker who in general shares a ton of her ideas online.
So.. WHO is in your support team? 
Do you have at least one professional in your field that you can go to 
for support?  
What steps do you take as an MT to make sure that you get professional supervision?
I'd love to know! 
And lastly, if you're an MT and you're reading this, I SUPPORT YOUR GOOD WORK!