Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Dang it. I missed it. This wonderful production was last weekend and I didn't go. I even knew about it. I just stupidly figured that it would be performed for a long time. ALAS. no. Anway, I shall tell you two things about Opera in my darling town of Lancaster, PA... now.
1.  In about 1997 when I moved to the city towards the end of college, I would drive downtown from my apartment on Colombia Avenue and see this old brick building with TONs of cool factor but with some lack luster as well.  It said "LANCASTER OPERA WORKSHOP" in white letters against a fading blue metal frame with rust drips underneath each letter.  I had dreamed it to be this amazing Opera place at one point in time.  I'd crook my neck to peek back and see the expanse of the building, imagine it's former glory.  In all seriousness, I thought it was closed. never was. In fact, since 1965 that place has housed VOLUNTEER opera productions (which means almost no one is paid)....and another cool's an old fire house. I knew that place was cool.
Fast forward to 2011.  It was then that I noticed the amazing posters that they started putting up advertising their shows. I loved every one. Super artistic...see the above butterfly poster...
I thought OH! Opera is back! No, it just never left. How cool and how wonderful!

2.  The Opera company has a really nice website. You can hear clips from the performances and I am very impressed. In fact, I was eating a homemade microwave smore while listening to the 2nd selection of Madama Butterfly and the combination was exquisite. Truly. No cheapening of the opera with the smore. I just remembered how much I love Opera. I also happen to think that if you don't like Opera, it's because you've never heard it performed live.  I just can't imagine not being sucked into it. It's magical! So take a minute to listen to something beautiful and I really think you won't be sorry. The human voice is an incredible thing. isn't it?

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