Monday, April 23, 2012


Hi readers. It's me again. and I'd like to talk about taking a stand.  That's what Music Therapy Advocacy means to on April 23rd, 2012.  It means so many other things too but as life deals it, it can either take a back seat or zoom to the front and be the hot ticket.  I recently heard that more funding cuts may be taking place in the near future and I may loose a really special group that I treat.  This is terrible news.  AND the frustrating part is that there isn't always a clear easy way to oppose things like funding cuts.  Sometimes I get a little down in the dumps about it and I feel like my voice is lost.
HOWEVER.... The worst thing is to do nothing. Don't do that.
Here is what I suggest.  
1. Contact your MT comrades.  Chances are they've been through this too and may have info to assist you.
2.  Know your stuff. Don't be on the sidelines unsure as to what is happening. Make phone calls and have conversations with real people, those funding agents and know, where you send your paperwork, billing and progress updates. Jump out of the easy email format and make your actual voice heard plus have your questions answered faster than email!!!
3.  Research ways to advocate for your clients.  Start HERE.  CBMT has an excellent compilation of the recent Social Media Advocacy Project which happened this past January.  So really, I'm a little late in posting this I guess. 
4.  Check out who's in your MT State Task Force. Chances are you might even know them. I found Melanie when I searched for mine.
5.  Write to your state representatives and state your case asking for their support of music therapy.
6. Don't give up. 

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