Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Last Night's Session

Last night I saw ONE of my favorite clients. yeah, they're all my favorites...BUT...
 He is an older gentleman who is blind but fully ambulatory and definitely more mentally engaged.  He is also a music hound. He listens to records everyday, perhaps all day.  He also happens to play the harmonica which I think is top drawer.  
Last night his staff member popped into the session room and delivered his harmonica.  Usually he keeps it in a drawer and prefers to keep it there, despite my nudges.  Last night however, he gladly reached for it and started playing his own improvised song.  Together we played a duet and ended up laughing together by the end.  The feeling I get from that sort of spontaneous music making and musical communicating is totally priceless. It's the gem in the haystack. the spice of music therapy life. Improvisation in music therapy sessions is SO IMPORTANT. I want to make sure that I do more of it. Not only is it a good practice, but it's a musical challenge to myself and when it works, it really gives something wonderful to the client. And that's what it's all about, sharing an experience and hopefully growing from it.

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