Monday, March 12, 2012


Hello. It's March 12th already. Which means that I'm WAY behind on Irish music collecting. Actually, I always forget about incorporating Irish music into my sessions and today I think I know why. 
Dont' get upset if you're of Irish heritage. In fact, my dear sweet husband is part Irish BUT.......It's not my favorite music. There. It's out there. I've not only thought it, but written it. Don't really love it. 
But as most MTs know, that doesn't matter. You have to play music you don't personally prefer ALL THE TIME.  
So I've been researching songs and albums and youtube videos and playlists on the web and this is what i've come up with. Some of these might not be perfectly appropriate but eh....and actually, this will definitely give away how easily i'm swayed, by the time I finished compiling these songs, I sort of got into them....and felt like having a beer. cheers.

TOP FIVE (5) Irish Songs that I can handle

1. Sam Cooke- Danny Boy. 

2. The Pogues- "Streams of Whiskey"

3. Clancy Brothers "Beer Beer Beer"
4. U2- "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

5. Gaelic Storm "Nancy Whiskey"

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