Friday, March 9, 2012


Hi! Ok. So what's up with the Title of this post? Well, when I was in college a friend of mine used to sing this Epic Whitney Houston song when we'd have (what today we would call) "EPIC FAILS".  
Click to listen to the track while you read, if you choose. 

So what kind of fail am i blabbing about? WELL...sometimes my music therapy ideas aren't always a success. Who likes to admit that? Not me. I'm never the first person in line to shout out ma failures. But you know something? Live and Learn. Mistakes and the UN-SMOOTH are opportunities sometimes.
Take for instance this week.  I wrote the outline of a song aimed at stating goals, naming steps towards the goals and pairing emotions with the possible achievement of said goals.

SO. yeah. that's a lot. And just as a disclaimer, I was using this on my highest functioning clients. Executive functioning skills in the house. I was expecting some real goal planning here. I was expecting the clients to spontaneously call out some prolific, un-thought-of goal....AND although this is not unheard of, it was sort of unrealistic, and it took me by surprise. I kind of overestimated. And in general, I make it a point to NEVER underestimate, because you never know what your clients might be able to do.  They pleasantly surprise me often. But this was not one of those times.  My clients started naming goals alright, but sort of insane goals. Like for example, become the next AMERICAN IDOL. Another one was be as skinny as a super model. Hey, we can all dream right?
So I was caught in this difficult position of feeling like I had to tell the client hey, maybe those goals aren't realistic (as they hopefully looked at me with excited expressions).  I couldn't just say, um, no, that goal sucks.  or cry out, "Darn, this isn't what I wanted it to be!" So what did I do?
 Well, I let them write the song with me TWO times. Once with a "wish or dream" in mind. Then again with a more practical, problem-resolution based set up.  Secondly, I modified. And by that I mean, I didn't just jump into the song and have them spontaneously choose goals, emotions and steps on the spur of the moment. That was poor planning on my end. This idea needs a conversation proceeding it....and following it for that matter.  Tinkering and recipe adjusting my sessions + didn't we almost have it all?
that's what. 

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