Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Handy APPS for Music Therapists

 Hello wonderful music therapy people.  This morning I got an APP attack....and here are some useful findings in no particular order and all FREE!
first up.
This app lets you look up any chord and visually demonstrates the notes, positioning and fingerings. Perfect for when that tricky chord pops up in your music.  You can also tap on the notes and hear the chord as well. Sweet.

Next up.
Dropbox is great. It's like icloud for all of your computing needs. Basically a storage unit for all the documents you need, accessible to all your devices and computers away from home. You do have to download dropbox onto your iphone or in my case, ipodtouch. also if you don't have an iphone and you are an MT working with a classic ipod, I suggest (HIGHLY) that you get an ipod touch.

Guitar tuner is easy. you just tap the note that you want to tune your guitar to and tune it. easy. 

It's a compilation of instruments. You choose which one and you tap to play. This would come in handy with physically impaired clients.  I don't think this is a replacement for REAL instruments mind you, but it's definitely a good supplement. 

ok then. If anyone has any other apps that they love, let me know!