Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hi! So I was taking this first day back into regular life after the holidays to do some internetting and checked in on some of the music therapy blogs I like.  Interestingly enough I found a Pintrest Post from Michelle of Music Therapy Tween.  She has a great write up of how to use it for your MT ideas and links another MT pinner that has a fantastic board for her private practice.  Anyway, I decided to post about it as well because after seeing several MT boards, I was inspired to add my own.

For anyone who is new to Pintrest, let me lay it out flat for ya.

1. It's an online bulletin board
2. You can make countless boards with their own theme
3. You can "pin" almost anything you see anywhere on the internet
4. People see what you've pinned and they "repin" or "like" etc...

So in the past I've mostly pinned...um....well..... TOTAL FRIVOLITY on my boards. Clothes, shoes, fancy drinks, home decor....and I still will ABSOLUTELY do that BUT...I'm happy to be adding a meaningful board with a little more substance. 
Check me out here if you like.

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