Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hey! Sooooooo, do you have a set of these? If not, you should. They are great and all my clients love them. I'm serious. They really do.  The one thing I think is pretty sweet about them is that they can be used with the chords of almost any song in a major key.  SO, you can use them to sound the chords of a song while you are singing acapella....OR have the clients sound them as you play the guitar and have a KICK-A performance. Hooray for you!

The general goal areas for this activity could be: 
1. ENDLESS! jk.
2. hand eye coordination ( and even more so if you are using a color chart)
3. Motor functioning
4. Peer interaction
5. Sensory 
6. Cognitive

The What and How (What do I do and how do I do it?)
I have been using the song "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" for this activity and it works like a CHARM! seriously. If you have a group of four people this works perfectly as there are four lines per verse and for the most part, each person gets two bells.  However, I have also used it with just one person and it worked ok too. Depends on the level of client ability. 
Adaptations could including just playing the C bell. or sounding the C and G together as they sound pretty and basically work for most of the song.  
And the Chords are as Follows.

C(red)               F(green)
We wish you a merry Christmas 
D (orange)           G (blue)
We wish you a merry Christmas 
E (yellow)           F(green)
We wish you a merry Christmas 
G (blue)       C(red)
And a Happy New Year

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