Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CLAUDE- Music Therapy Idea 1

Claude Debussy is one of my favorite composers. Ever. And "Estampes" in 3 movements is maybe my favorite composition. EVER.  especially the first movement.  Here are a few examples of the greatness of the piece and the differences that varying performers bring to the work. I happen to love the first pianist's playing style. He plays it so darn smoothly. It's just like I like it. HOWEVER...
This female performer is a delight to watch.  Her whole body gets into the piece. Her hands are like swans taking flight, perfectly fluid and gentle, even while playing strong.

SO What's this got to do with Music Therapy?????

Answer:  Well...this happens to be a wonderfully expressive piece, so i have TWO ideas.
1. I have used it for free movement activities using scarves.  We mimic the giant waves of sound and the contrasting delicate notes as well with corresponding movements.  It has always been a GO-TO in my ipod for movement.
2. Use this piece for a music and art fusion activity.  Use it as the inspiration for a painting or drawing.  Listen first.  Talk about it. listen again while expressing your interpretation of what you hear through your medium of choice.
Actually i think I might try doing it myself. Maybe even tonight. I'll post later if I do. Until then, leave me YOUR ideas for this piece if you have any to share. I'd love that.

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